The word mudrā (mu:'dra; "seal", "mark", or "gesture") has its origins in Sanskrit and is a symbolic gesture that represents an "energetic seal of authenticity".

eMudhra was started in 2008 with a mission to accelerate the world's transition to a secure integrated digital society with a foundation built on digital identity and trust.

Employees, customers and vendors increasingly demand real time and secure interactions, be it for onboarding, availing a loan, signing a contract or making payments online.

Built over a decade of R&D, our solutions leverage digital identity, trust and AI empowering you to offer strong customer experiences, save significant cost, improve security, compliance and governance.

eMudhra works with Governments and Banks across the world on their paperless transformation journey. It has issued over 50mn digital identities and has enterprise customers in over 50 countries that use its identity, authentication and paperless platforms.

50mn+ Identities


50+ Banks

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5/10 Fortune

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