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emSign's Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificate that is vetted after extensive validation is a confirmation of the trustworthiness, legitimacy and genuineness of your website. When installed on your website, emSign's EV certificate displays the following trust elements: your company's name, along with the green bar and green padlock icon. These three elements will ascertain that your website isn't a fake clone, but a real, trusted website.

EV SSL - Single Domain

For e-commerce websites or website handling sensitive information.

The highest level of trust. An EV SSL Certificate highlights your website's authenticity, reinforcing credibility and security for visitors.

Single Domain EV SSL certificates are the most popular and affordable type of SSL products. They secure one primary domain (Fully Qualified Domain Name) or one subdomain under a single SSL installation.

EV SSL - Multi-Domain

Secures multiple domains in a single Extended Validation SSL installation.

Secure multiple domains with one certificate. Simplify SSL management and protect your diverse online presence with a Multi-domain SSL Certificate.

Multi-Domain SSL Certificates are the most versatile and cost-efficient SSL certificates. They can secure multiple domains under a single SSL installation saving you time and money in the process. They are also called Subject Alternative Name Certificates (SAN SSL) or Unified Communication Certificates (UCC SSL). If you need to secure several domains, the multi-domain certificates are the only viable option.


Each Extra SAN Cost

Why Get emSign's EV SSL Certificates?


Support for more than 99% of browsers, applications and devices

Identity Assurance

Business identity authentication


Symmetric 256-bit encryption, 2048-bit RSA keys (4096-bit RSA keys are also available)


UCC/ SAN/ Multi-Domain options available

Site Seal

Boost your website's legitimacy with emSign's Site Seal

Padlock and Green Bar

Display trust elements such as HTTPS browser padlock and Green Bar

Simple Steps to Obtain emSign's EV TLS/SSL Certificate

  • 1. The EV Enrollment Form

    The applicant has to fill out an enrollment form to show that he/she is an employee in good standing and that he/she is authorized to make the purchase.

  • 2. Domain Control Validation

    Verification of whether the applicant is the rightful owner of the registered domain via CAA Email based, DNS TXT Record based, DNS TXT Record Email based, Email based or File-based authentication.

  • 3. Organization Authentication

    The registration details of the company will be vetted with Qualified Independent Information sources to ensure that the business is officially registered and is active in the location provided.

  • 4. Operational Existence

    Verification of whether the company or organization has been operational for three or more years. If the business doesn't satisfy this criterion, the applicant will be asked to furnish registration documents or a Professional Opinion Letter.

  • 5. Physical Address Verification

    Two things are verified in the process-

    • Whether the organization is legally registered in the state or country mentioned
    • Confirmation of legitimate physical presence within the area registered using a government database
  • 6. Telephone Verification

    The registered active telephone listing is vetted against the details provided and verified.

  • 7. Final Verification Call

    Verification of ownership and order by calling the telephone number associated with the organization.

Why emSign?

24X7 Support

Strong support along with a library of resources to ensure peace of mind

Security & Quality

We are CMMI Level 5 Company, ISO 27001, SOC2 and Webtrust certified


Over 50 million certificates issued to hundreds of companies worldwide