Transforming Business and Mitigating Risk with Trust Identities

Create and deploy your own PKI trust hierarchy to secure your IT systems, networks, and IoT devices using eMudhra's PKI suite.
Using our PKI suite, enterprises can-
  • Rapidly deploy PKI infrastructure that aligns with industry best practices
  • Facilitate Zero Trust with secure authentication and communications between devices, machines, IoT, and virtual servers
  • Reduce cost and eliminate compliance risk related to internal PKI and CA management
  • Adapt to changing needs with complete scalability and flexibility
Managed PKI

Managed PKI

A simple and efficient turn-key solution to get the functionality and high assurance of PKI, without the cost, risk, and complexity associated with on-premise deployments
With our solution, you get a highly flexible and scalable PKI combined with end-to-end certificate lifecycle automation. It's your PKI, implemented and managed by our team of experts.
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PKI On-premise

PKI On-premise

An ideal PKI solution hosted in your infrastructure for end-to-end control
Deployed within your premise, eMudhra's advanced PKI solution delivers full in-house control over PKI infrastructure, governance, and compliance, while simplifying identity management process.
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Unlocking Unlimited Opportunities

Banking and Financial Services

Our PKI solution allows banking and financial service providers to secure devices, automate the management of internal devices and applications, and facilitate electronic Bank Account Management (eBAM), Automated Clearing House (ACH) activities, wire transfers, interbank payments, etc.


eMudhra's PKI suite is used to streamline several e-Government initiates and augment citizen engagement that ranges from citizen identities to powering nationwide e-transformation initiatives.


Designed to be deployed on any IoT platform that supports trusted platform modules, our PKI solution uses standard communication protocols to power provisioning, deployment, and management of keys related to interconnected machines and systems in IoT and industrial IoT applications. In the process, it supports secure identity, access, and authorization management of devices and things in the manufacturing space.


Our PKI suite allows defense organizations to seamlessly set up a Private PKI infrastructure and issue certificates for a variety of internal use cases. It is also used to address multiple security concerns related to tactical networks, including access control and technical non-repudiation.

Trust Service Provider (TSP)

TSPs across the globe leverage our globally accredited emSign root and PKI infrastructure to build and enable local digital transformation ecosystems that contribute to social betterment.


Our PKI suite helps better secure airline documentation (eg: flight manifest), supports overarching uses cases that go across the organization to secure applications and other assets, and enables zero-trust ecosystem.

Global Exposure


With a market share of 38%, eMudhra is the largest TSP in India. Our initiatives in India cut across several industries, ranging from securing large, national payment ecosystems to powering nationwide remote signing use cases that contribute to the Digital India vision. emCA is also used by the Indian Defense forces for several classified use cases and is increasingly powering device identity and security for key initiatives in the country.


eMudhra has an overarching presence across multiple countries in Africa. Our PKI suite is the platform of choice in Egypt, with multiple local TSPs banking on us to provide trust services in the region. eMudhra also empowers trust services and document signer offerings in West Africa. In fact, one of the largest TSPs in the region relies on emSign Trust services (on the cloud) to provision multiple types of CERTS for local customers. eMudhra is also one of the first licensed TSPs in Kenya, where the Root CA runs on eMudhra's PKI.

South East Asia

eMudhra powers one of the local TSPs through an on-premise engagement of its CA offering, where eMudhra migrated the client from a third-party CA set-up to run on its PKI platform. eMudhra also works closely with several regulators and key entities in the region to drive PKI awareness and chairs the Asia PKI consortium.


eMudhra powers several IoT use cases in Europe wherein clients leverage both, eMudhra's managed PKI and On-premise PKI, as per individual preferences. Use cases range from powering Electric Vehicles for some of the largest EV manufacturers to Smart Energy ecosystem security where CERTS are provisioned to Smart meters to enable secure authentication and trusted communication.

Middle East

eMudhra is a licensed TSP in the United Arab Emirates. We also work with several key providers in the telecom and trust services space to enable public trust services in local markets across the region.

eMudhra powers one of the two TSPs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through its PKI and signing platforms that have enabled digital transformation in the country.


eMudhra is a Direct Trust accredited Digital Signature provider in North America (aimed at Healthcare and Pharma). eMudhra also powers TSPs in Peru with an expanding presence across Latin America and Mexico. We work with local TSPs in the region to enhance their trust service and PKI offerings to support more convenient signature offerings that can aid local growth and transformation.

Membership and Accreditation

Meets or exceeds stringent global security standards

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  • ISO 27001 / ISO 27018

    eMudhra meets global information security standard addressing data security and IT controls

  • GDPR

    Operations compliant with Europe's GDPR regulation

  • CMMI Level 5

    eMudhra is awarded with the CMMI Maturity Level 5 certification

  • CC EAL 4+

    eMudhra's products are EAL 4+ certified

  • Webtrust Accredited

    Our trust services are Webtrust accredited enabling digital identity and certificate offerings globally

  • eIDAS

    eMudhra meets all technical requirements of eIDAS for advanced & qualified e-signatures and e-seals

  • UETA and ESIGN Act

    eMudhra meets the requirements of the US laws on eSignatures and electronic transactions

Member of

Asia PKI Consortium (APKIC)

Asia PKI Consortium

Cloud Signature Consortium

Cloud Signature Consortium

CA/Browser Forum (CAB)

CA/Browser Forum

India PKI Forum (IPKI)

India PKI Forum