A Secure Super Certificate for All Your Business Needs

emSign's multi-domain SSL Certificate is a "binder certificate" that allows you to combine multiple Basic SSL and Wildcard SSL Certificates into a "super certificate" and secure up to 500 domain names.
Our multi-domain certificate can secure the following types of domain(s):
  • secure.domain1.com
  • secure.domain2.com
  • secure.domain1.co.uk
  • login.website.com
  • www.domain.com
  • any-domain.any-tld

Why Get emSign's Multi-domain SAN/UCC SSL Certificate?


Strongest SHA2 & ECC Encryption


Compatible with 99%+ current browsers and mobile devices

Increased ROI

Get more for your money with unlimited licenses and free reissues


Add, change and delete any of the SANs on the go as per the evolving needs of your network


OV/DV/EV options available for UCC/ SAN/ Multi-Domain SSL Certificate; designed for MS Exchange and OCS environments

Add FQND Certificates On the Go

Our UCC/ SAN/ Multi-Domain SSL Certificate come standard with 5 FQDNs, with provisions to add 495 more

Simple Steps to Obtain emSign's Multi-domain SAN/UCC SSL Certificate

  • 01. DV Certificate Validation

    To get a DV certificate, you have to prove that you are the owner of the domain using email based authentication wherein we will be sending an authentication mail to WHOIS registrar email address.

    Alternatively, we can also send authentication email to one of five pre-approved email addresses associated with the website domain, which includes:

    • Admin@name-of-site.com
    • Administrator@name-of-site.com
    • Webmaster@name-of-site.com
    • Hostmaster@name-of-site.com
    • Postmaster@name-of-site.com

    Alternate Domain Control Validation Methods

    CAA Email Contact, DNS TXT Record, DNS TXT Record Email Contact and File based authentication are the alternate methods of Domain Control Validation that you can opt for in case there is an issue with email based authentication.

  • 02. OV Certificate Validation

    Organization validated or OV certificates require additional levels of validation compared to Domain Validated (DV) certificates and as a result provide more trust. This includes:

    • Domain Control Validation
    • Organization Authentication
    • Locality Presence
    • Telephone Verification (registered active telephone listing verification)
    • Final Verification phone call (verification of ownership and order)
  • 03. EV Certificate Validation

    EV validation of your organization can be completed using one of the following methods:

    • DCV email
    • DNS TXT Record
    • HTTP(S) challenge

    Additionally, you can also expect to receive a telephonic call to the main business phone number listed on the subscriber agreement. This call will be made for validating the signature on the application, the signer's title along with the signer's authority to sign. In case there is a need for additional actions, one of our validation specialists will connect with you via email.

Why emSign?

24X7 Support

Strong support along with a library of resources to ensure peace of mind

Security & Quality

We are CMMI Level 5 Company, ISO 27001, SOC2 and Webtrust certified


Over 50 million certificates issued to hundreds of companies worldwide

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