Digitally Sign and Encrypt Documents

Prevent data-tampering and data-theft by digitally signing and encrypting documents that are transferred via email or directly over the internet using emSign's Document Signer Certificate.

Our Document Signer Certificate helps you to:

  • Automate document signing with individual or organization or department-level identity
  • Ensure document integrity and authorship to protect intellectual property
  • Meet national and industry-specific compliance requirements for digital signatures
  • Timestamp documents to support time-sensitive transactions, audit trails, and non-repudiation

Why Get emSign's Document Signer Certificate?

Visual Trust Indicators

Uncover document tampering using clear visual indicators.


Verify the time and date of signing; determine validity of the signature.

Multi Signature Workflows

Seamlessly authenticate business critical documents that require multiple signatures.

Automatic and Manual Signing

Automatic (for signing in bulk) and manual (for signing one document at a time) signing options are available.

Why emSign?

24X7 Support

Strong support along with a library of resources to ensure peace of mind

Security & Quality

We are CMMI Level 5 Company, ISO 27001, SOC2 and Webtrust certified


Over 50 million certificates issued to hundreds of companies worldwide

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