In-built CT log Discovery

Unveil every CT log discovered certificate within the pre-verified domains effortlessly, from various issuers, with a centralized certificate results screen. Monitoring certificate transparency logs involves tracking all certificates publicly issued for an organization's domains, ensuring their authenticity, legitimacy, and safeguarding against compromise by adversaries.

Discovery via CT Logs feature on emSign Hub

Auto-discovery of your TLS certificates

TLS Certificates Discovered via CT Logs monitoring for pre-verified domains to identify all public-facing SSL certificates of each domain managed via centralized certificate results screen.

Configure & Monitor CT Logs

You can monitor & set up transparency CT logs for all the pre-verified domains including sub domains which available in your account for fetching the detailed certificate results.

Advanced Searching Capabilities

Efficiently filter your CT logs discovered certificate results with our advance search feature which streamline your access to relevant and up-to-date information.

Download Discovered Certificates

Streamline all your SSL/TLS certificates discovered via CT logs monitoring at one centralized place. Download your TLS certificate for the efficient usage & tracking. Additionally, you can renew your certificate with emSign via this CT logs monitoring certificate results.